For those of you who don't know - I am originally from Australia and am now living in Tel Aviv.

Upon my first move here in August 2017, one of the first things I did was look for an Australian ex-pat community to have a kick with. 

I was aware of a peace project that was created in 2008 as a means to have Jews and Arabs come together in a peaceful environment.

The vehicle for this was Australian Football.

It brought Israelis and Palestinians together against the backdrop of the conflict and the violence. At the grassroots level these people actually get on and they are building peace every day.

Unfortunately there was no training happening, so I decided to gather some interest from former players in this initiative and organise a session.

Fast forward 4 months and the improvement in these guys has been phenomenal.

Not only do they seek out more information from me, but they have already embodied the Australian spirit with how they train and conduct themselves amongst each other.

Today marks a very special day, as we announce the official launch of the Tel Aviv Cheetahs

I'm proud to be coaching such a great group of men and an even more important cause.

Meet some of the team here:

We have entered a team to play in the AFL Euro Cup in October 2018.

A go fund me page will be set up to help with logistics for our players - more information will become available shortly.

I will provide a weekly update on the Cheetahs so be sure to stay tuned.