Last time we met

Round 11, 2018

Sydney 13.13.91 defeated Carlton 9.7.61

I remember watching the game from the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan.

We came off playing in Geelong in a difficult part of the season.

Jack came in to the side and played one of his better games with 2 goals and plenty of pressure

We were competitive until half time, then the Swans kicked 5 straight goals to open up the game.

Rowe played on Buddy and was just outclassed

What I’m excited about

We don’t have the likes of Kerridge, O’Shea, Rowe, Lamb and Graham in the same side that took the field against Sydney in 2018.

Dow, Samo, Fisher had OK games last time we played the Swans and I’m excited to see their improvement this time around.

The Midfield battle led by Cripps and Kennedy

I think we can expose them with the pace we have. From what I’ve seen of the Swans, they look like they’re missing a spark. The crows were able to get on top with their midfield running and class.

What I’m mindful of

Buddy - Rowe played on him last time and Jones the time before (10 goals)\

Jake Lloyd - simply has to have a matchup. He’s far too classy to be left on his own.

When Sydney get on their run, will we be able to endure and condense it?

Team Selection

OUT Charlie, Garlett

IN Sillvagni, Kennedy


Carlton by 17