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2018 Carlton Football Club | Season Review & Player Ratings
A disastrous season for our great club, but with no sacrifice comes no victory and we definitely learned that in season 2018. LISTEN HERE A huge thank you to everyone who listened and contributed to the podcast in season 2018. For those who are sports fanatics, and I would expect there to be a lot of you here on Scorum, please subscribe to the podcast as we now are moving onto other sports and issues. Here are my player ratings for the entire list in season 2018, enjoy: Jack Silvagni - 4 Wanted 17-20 games Paddy Dow - 7.5 20 games Showed glimpses of burst that got us very excited Murphy - 5 Wanted to see AA again and a clean run of health, was far from it. 59% Kicking efficiency Andy Maher “Vastly diminished footballer” Lochie O’Brien - 7 Asked for 5-10 good games, surpassed that Got comfortable as the season went on SPS - 7 22 games We probably wanted him to have some more extended patches in games 42 games with no pre season yet, shows resilience Will benefit from a deeper midfield with bigger bodies around him Kade Simpson - 8.5 21 games What else can we ask from him? When Docherty is back, he will be more comfortable
 Matthew Kennedy - 4 “I hope we can say he’s been a bargain at the end of the season” Maybe we shouldn’t have expected him to do more than we did 12 games, no continuity Has upside Matthew Kreuzer - 6
 “Could be an All Australian ruck man” Not durable, can we rely on his health? When he does play, he represents the club the right way Heart problem is ALARMING. I have zero faith in his issue of his just going away The elephant in the room is that he will not play football again Patrick Cripps - 10 “He could be one of the best midfielders in the league if he has a full season. Want him to turn into someone who achieved his potential. I think this is the year for Crippa” Broke the record for contested possessions 2nd in AFLCA 2nd in AFL MVP He continued to lead when it would have been so easy to let the season slide This guy is born for finals football The opportunity is there for the club to get it right otherwise we will lose him Kicking improved too He plays like a captain Harry McKay - 8 Worried about whether he could find other ways to impact, and he definitely did. 13 games, 21 goals Played better than Charlie in the last month of the season There is a smell of Lloyd / Lucas about this tandem His upside is a big as anyone else in the team 20 years of age Sam Kerridge - 4 “I don’t know which way it’s going to go with Sam” Can win the footy, but the way he turns the ball over at crucial moments of the game renders his possessions irrelevant. He has become a scapegoat, but who’s fault is that? His first season at the club was fantastic therefore he has undone that work. Disposal efficiency is 72% Kicking efficiency 62% 10 games Tom De Koning Looks like a kid that just loves playing footy Didn’t think he’d get a game but it brought me a smile to see his little moments There’s a competitive spirit about him Jed Lamb - 5 All year along we said that when he has a specific role, he plays It well. I think he turned the corner in the last 4-5 weeks I want him on the list in 2019 Playing him as a defender is what I’d like to see He didn’t use the ball terribly, he just didn’t win a lot of it Has one more year left to figure it out Liam Jones - 6 Wasn’t able to thrive without a genuine leader in the backline At times he just didn’t make the right decision with respect to when to attack the footy and when to stay on his mind. He was a bi-product of his environment Sam Docherty Didn't play in 2018 Darcy Lang - 3 Had a good first game Round 23 there was footage of him having a laugh with a mate who was in street clothes, go and fuck yourself He has one year to get it together. Needs a full pre season so we can understand what his role in the team is actually going to be. Red flag at this stage Sam Rowe - 5 17 games Showed alarming signs towards the end with a bad patch, which again could be a bi-product of his environment. Came back from an ACL and was solid in defence immediately I wouldn’t be too upset to have him on the list in 2019 as a mentor who might play 5-6 games if we have a decimated season through injury Aaron Mullet - 2 - Didn’t take his chance in a team that gave him one Angus Schumacher Didn't play in 2018 Lachie Plowman - 4 13 games Poor early in the year after a good 2017 He played a great game against Geelong in round 10 and just when it started looking like he was getting himself into form, he was injured and ruled out for the season We found out that he isn’t a natural leader, and being in the leadership group that is a flag Jarrod Garlett - 3 11 games Realised how much a difference it makes when you miss a year of footy Shoulder surgery imminent and he needs a big pre season Caleb Marchbank - 4 12 games Only a handful of good matches in a disrupted season Took a step backwards from 2017 He is definitely someone that could be labelled as injury prone There was an article that came out before round 23 where he said he was back to playing consistent footy, which I disagreed with. It’s as if we were just looking for a headline on the Carlton website. Jacob Weitering - 4 “I think he’s one of the most underrated prospects this year. I think he’s going to have a good year.” Scary moments for us as supporters to see our number 1 pick with zero confidence Lost his way mentally and when we drafted him he showed a composure about him that stood out. Had a good finish to the year to salvage some hope for us, particularly with that contest against the Gold Coast Running out of excuses in year 4 He had to endure and for a 20 year old in that situation it was a positive to build off I still have unwavering faith Cameron O’Shea - 1 He tried Disappointing because of how well he played in the VFL in 2017 11 games Zac Fisher - 8.5 Shattered that he got injured because he looked like he was taking a big leap Contested footy for his body is fascinating Didn’t expect to see him have 25 + possession games until a few more years Jumped ahead of Samo Harrison Macreadie Didn't play in 2018 Matthew Lobbe - 6 Was in our best in a few games Would love to have him stay on the list Been a great mentor for TDK David Cunningham Disappointing to see injury plagued another one of this seasons Cameron Polson - 3 Not looking anywhere near it at this stage Had a good game in round 23 and was one of few who actually gave a fuck Charlie Curnow - 8 Was worried about the hype, not anymore. He’s a star Didn’t finish the season as strongly as he did in 2017 Got a full season out of him Asked for 30-35 goals, tick. Tom Williamson Didn't play in 2018 Nick Graham - 2 Goodbye I did like that he kept going back to the VFL and dominated He just couldn’t impact Jarrod Pickett - 3 Disappointing to have that 3 month layoff Has the pace we need, but in the games he played he didn’t impact enough Andrew Phillips - 5 Looked like a great pickup in the games he played. Injury ruined his season. Ed Curnow - 8 Led well in a tough side. We understand that he’s not a star, but he’s an integral part of how the team is selected Will benefit from a better, more deep team Patrick Kerr - 6 Happy to see him get a few games and had some nice moments Has now set a platform to push to 10-15 games in 2019 Cieran Byrne - 6 Coming off the ACL and by the end of the season I was confident that he is a player for us to persist with. Asked for 15 games Dale Thomas - 7.5 Backed him in to have a good season and he did it, without playing forward and hitting the scoreboard. “Can kick 30-35 goals” Had his best season for the Blues I feel like he impacts more so off the field and at training Levi Casboult - 4 “It’s a position for him to lose” and boy did he lose it It’s a positive that we now have forwards that have pushed Levi out of the side. Has limitations Thanks for your service Levi Matthew Wright - 4 Fell into a new role away from goal and didn’t impact enough I hope he can re-invent himself in 2019 otherwise he could be gone next year