Football is that the hottest sport during this planet, quite two hundred countries have taken it up and its fan following is wide unfold.

Football is being compete in Asian country for quite one hundred years . Mohun Bagan A.C is Asia’s oldest club that was found in Calcutta in 1889.

Durand Cup that is compete in Asian country was started within the year 1888. it's the oldest soccer competition in Asia and also the third oldest tournament within the world when solfa syllable Cup and Scottish Cup.

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India doesn't stand anyplace close to the highest groups of world soccer, however the craze for this game is extraordinarily high in Asian country, particularly amongst the youth.

Every four years a bit like the other footballing nation, Indians watch the FIFA tournament with enthusiasm and large craze is made.

Kolkata is understood to be the hub of Indian soccer, wherever passion among the fans overflows.

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