PT Sriwijaya Optimis Mandiri (SOM) which oversees the football club Sriwijaya FC is in communication with Erick Tohir to fund Laskar Wong Kito. PT SOM's Chief Director, Muddai Madang, said Erick Tohir was seen as a new investor to advance Sriwijaya FC as a form of national football progress.

The record for Erick Tohir, who now houses several international class clubs such as Inter Milan in Italy and DC United in America, will be an economic magnet for Sriwijaya FC.

We have invited all parties (investors) who love Sepabola to communicate, including Mr. Erick Tohir to become a Sriwijaya FC investor, "Muddai said on Thursday (09/13/2018). Muddai explained the agreement to find new investors was also aimed at developing the economic units owned by Sriwijaya FC, such as selling merchandise attributes and cafes.

"It does not even rule out that we will make Sriwjaya FC's achievement museum which had become a double winner in 2004," he said. Also read: Watch Basketball, Sandiaga and Erick Tohir All Check GBK Sidewalks Apart from the issue of funding, Erick Tohir's international network is expected to bring top European league players to Indonesia to strengthen Laskar

Wong Kito. "Sriwijaya FC which has been known as a competitive club in the League will be lifted again internationally. This needs the support of all parties, "he said.

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