Indonesia was left behind 1-0 before finally turning ahead through Alfath Faathier in the 60th minute, Stefano Lilipaly through the penalty spot in the 69th minute, and Alberto "Beto" Goncalves in the 83rd minute. In the match against Timor Leste, Indonesia was pressured by the opposing team at the start of the match. Several times Henrique Wilson Da Cruz and his friends tried to stab into the heart of the Indonesian defense. Not yet five minutes of the game, the visitors have got a corner kick. Utilizing the ball kicked by his colleague, Gumario Augusto made a header. Unfortunately, the ball still soared on the right side of the Indonesian goal.

Muhammad Hargianto still floated above the Timor Leste goalkeeper. Two minutes later, Andik Vermansah tried to penetrate into the opponent's defense. However, his efforts can still be dammed by the East Timor defender. After going through various attacks, Indonesia got a corner kick in the 20th minute. Receiving the ball from the soccer corner, Hansamu who was standing in front of the goal jumped to head the ball. Unfortunately, his header was still sideways beside the opponent's goal. In the 28th minute, Andik stabbed into the right side of the Timor Leste defense.

Timor Leste tried to attack occasionally. In the 29th minute, Timor Leste got a free kick. However, Nataniel Reis's kick has not led to the Indonesian goal. In the 35th minute, Andik again stabbed into the Timor Leste defense from the right side.


0-0 score lasted until halftime. Starting the second half, Timor Leste took the lead through Rufino Gama's long-range goal in the 48th minute. Left behind by one goal, Indonesia tried to get up to equalize. In the 52nd minute, Beto had a chance when he got a long distance pass. Unfortunately, his shot still soared above the opponent's goal. Five minutes later, it was Septian David Maulana's turn that was still sideways on the right side of the opponent's goal. In the 58th minute, Indonesia had a golden opportunity through Evan Dimas. However, his shot still soared above the crossbar. Indonesia finally managed to equalize in the 60th minute after Alfath Faathier's shot failed to be driven away by East Timor. In the 69th minute, Indonesia got a penalty after Andik was violated in the penalty box. Lilipaly who is the executor successfully accomplishes his duties well. Winning 2-1, Indonesian players continued to press to increase excellence. In the 83rd minute, Indonesia again added advantage through Beto. Utilizing Riko's cross, Beto headed a ball that could not be reached by the Timor Leste goalkeeper. In the remainder of the match, the national team players continued to try to add superiority. However, there is no one who has scored a goal. 3-1 score lasts up to the long whistle.