By Matthew Tosh - originally posted to Flickr as DSCF1556, CC BY-SA 2.0,

There it is.  I have said it.  Not that it is a great revelation.  Alabama is always a good football team.  But not this year.  They are GREAT.  They are dominating teams.  Not just any teams.  Good teams.  Well, supposed to have been good.  It is still early.  Let's look at who they have played:  Louisville  Score:  51 - 14.  Arkansas State Score: 57 - 7 and Ole Miss Score: 62 - 7.  DOMINATION.   Alabama has never started the season with 3 consective games scoring in the 50s.  Never.  Ever.  And it has been since 1945 that it has scored over 50 points in three consecutive games, and they did it in four straight games that season. 

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That is what teams are going to feel like when Alabama gets through with them this year.  It will feel like you have been run over by a really big truck. 

I don't think any of their games will be particularly close either.  I mean, their defense has always been good.  They have great athletes and great coaching. 

But this year, they have a great offense too.  The two-headed monster at quarterback.  There is Tua Tagovailoa and Jalen Hurts.  Both can hurt you.  Both can run and pass.

Lets look at their remaining games, to see if we can see any possible trouble: 

    *Texas A&M at Alabama

    *Louisiana Rajun Cajuns at Alabama

    *Arkansas razorbacks at Arkansas

    *Missouri at Alabama

    *Tennessee at Tennessee

    *LSU at LSU

    *Miss St. at Alabama

    *The Citadel at Alabama

    *Auburn at Alabama

I only see four possible games that might be fairly close, per Alabama standards.  And that is within 3 touchdowns.  Those games would be Texas A&M, LSU, Miss St. and Auburn.  Only the LSU game is on the road.  That might be the toughest game.  Personally, I don't think any team will be within 14 points of Alabama all year.  That is conservative too.  Probably beat all teams by 20 points this year. 

The only teams outside of the SEC that might have a chance are Ohio St. and MAYBE Clemson.  We will see if they can match up with Alabama.  I have my doubts.  This is the year of the Red Tide, rolling over all teams, going undefeated and becoming one of the greatest teams ever, statistically. 

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So if you ever wanted to support a team because they are a winner, this would be the team and the year. 

Do yourself a favor and watch them next week or the week after.  Just sometime this year.  They should still be scoring over 50 points against all the teams.  Let's see how long they can keep it going.  I'm thinking it could last all year.