Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

I have been supporting the Argentine football team since the day I learned to understand the game of football, and the main reason for supporting Barcelona, ​​Argentina and Barcelona football team in the club is Messi, I like Messi's game very much.


After Messi, my favorite player is Carlos Tevez. I have been a fan of Carlos Tevez since the day I came to know the story of his childhood.

When Carlos Tevez was ten months old, hot water fell on his body, causing most of his body to burn, and he was so poor that he could not get proper treatment, leaving scars on his body. There are burn marks on the face too.

Times have changed, Carlos Tevez now has a lot of money, he can have surgery to remove the scars on his face, but Tevez refuses to do that, because he says these scars remind me of who I was.

That Carlos Tevez has announced his retirement from all forms of professional football. The 38-year-old Argentine footballer said goodbye to football due to the death of his father.

Carlos Tevez has played a total of 76 matches for the Argentine national team and scored a total of 16 goals. He has also played football for various clubs, played a total of 746 matches for various clubs, where he scored a total of 308 goals.

Carlos Tevez has played football for his childhood club Boca Juniors for the last few seasons, his father died in early 2021, the star footballer decided to quit football because of the death of his father.

In an interview with American TV, Tevez said: "I'm sure he's retired. I got a lot of offers. But the game was tough because I lost my number one fan. '

Thanks everyone for reading my post about football today.