Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Hello football loving friends, Almost everyone in the world loves the game of football, There are no people in the world who don't like the game of football, All the people in our village, from young to old, love playing football.


My two sons will only play football from now on, I bought two footballs for them, I play football with Them at home. If my two sons have football, they only play football all day.

The old people of the village love the game of football the most. The reason is that everyone understands the game of football, But not everyone understands the game of cricket, I have an uncle who loves to play football but can't hear the name playing cricket, because he doesn't understand the game of cricket, As soon as the game of cricket starts, you will say that one game hits a ball from one side and another hits another with a stick.

Our Bangladesh is a game crazy country. All the people of Bangladesh love the game of football, This is very well understood during the Football World Cup, During the football World Cup, the flags of the participating teams are displayed on the roofs of all the houses in Bangladesh and everywhere.

The people of Bangladesh are divided into two parts in the football world cup, one part supports Argentina and the other part supports Brazil. Fighting often erupted between Argentine and Brazilian supporters, Which is not right, I personally support Argentina.

There are many memories of football, On the day of the final of the World Cup, we all have fun together and have a picnic. Even though everyone has a television in their house, everyone comes to the school grounds and watches the game together on the big screen, the fun is different.

Thanks everyone for reading my post about football today.