Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Hello football lovers, how are you all? Good morning to all of you. The biggest event in the football world "World Cup Football" will start in November 2022 this year. With just five months to go before the start of the World Cup, the World Cup frenzy has begun, and as part of that, the World Cup trophy world tour has begun.


This year's World Cup trophy will tour 56 countries. As part of that, the World Cup football trophy came to Bangladesh last Wednesday. বিশ্বকাপ French World Cup winning footballer Christian Carrembu arrived in Bangladesh at 11 a.m. Bangladesh time with the World Cup football trophy.

We all know that all the football games in the world are run under one organization, the name of that organization is FIFA, some FIFA officials also came to Bangladesh with the trophy of World Cup football.

The World Cup football trophy arrived in Bangladesh on a special flight from Bangladesh last Wednesday, while the World Cup football trophy was brought to Bangladesh from Pakistan. There will be a total of 36 hours of World Cup football trophy in Bangladesh. The world tour of the World Cup Football Trophy, organized by Coca-Cola from Dubai, started on May 12.

The Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) has organized a number of events in Bangladesh on World Cup football. The trophy was taken to Bangabhaban on Wednesday and then to the Prime Minister's residence Ganobhaban.

In his speech, Hon'ble Prime Minister discussed about football in Bangladesh, and announced to improve football in Bangladesh, he reminded his family about football. The Prime Minister met everyone who came with the World Cup Football Trophy.

The World Cup trophy will then be placed at the Army Stadium in Banani, Dhaka, where a limited number of football fans will be given the opportunity to view the World Cup trophy, with a total of 25,000 spectators.

The last time the World Cup football trophy came to Bangladesh before the Brazil World Cup in 2013, the next time the World Cup football trophy was not brought to Bangladesh during Russia World Cup, this year it was brought again, this year the original World Cup football trophy was brought to Bangladesh.