One day before, Brazil Football Confederation (CBF) will not make any major changes to the team management even after they take off from the quarter-finals of the World Cup. They will also request to coach, to stay on their. That is, the Brazil Football Federation wants, from now on, plan for Qatar's World Cup.

It was revealed to show that the wish to keep the CBF bank, will be taken by the coach of Selena for a few days to make their decision. But did not take too much time. He will respect the will of the CBF, it was conceivable. Finally, that is the case. He reached the agreement with the Brazilian Football Confederation. For the next four years, Selena will be the coach.

Not just Brazil's national team coaches, this time CBB gave a lot of big responsibility. Full independence in his work as a coach. So that four years later he can form a full and strong team for the Qatar World Cup.

  • For that reason, there are opportunities for working on the same age group as well as working on their. It has been given full independence by the CBF that the U-19, Under-20 development of the parties and bringing out the right genius from there can be utilized at the national level.In August 2016, Carlos Dung was removed from the team's responsibility for the Brazilian team's responsibility. When the Brazilian coach took charge, then the situation was in the team. World Cup was in the selection phase The party has forgotten its history and tradition, it has forgotten. From there, Titans led by Selesaura and Brazil as the world's first team to enter the World Cup.
  • Totter Brazil went on to play the World Cup with the best favorites of Russia, with one of the strongest teams in Russia. Everything was going well in Russia; But in the quarter-finals, Brazil had to play against the whole fate. To miss one chance after another and lose to Belgium's extraordinary and unmanageable pace, 5-time world champions It are about 2-1 goals. However, Brazil had lost only 1 in 21 matches under Pitt earlier.Brazil wants football confederation, to create new blood flow to their national team for the Qatar World Cup. From now on, it is possible to work well with a nice plan, and to give it a chance to move forward.
  • After taking office in 2016, I got two years to get the money. The team has got less chance of introducing new blood. Worked with those who were there. Now he is getting four years in full. So, after four years, maybe a new-look Brazil can see the Qatar World Cup
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