The game of football is at the top of popularity in the world, Bangladesh football is popular so there is no shortage in any part. So why is Bangladesh lagging behind in football? And the answer to that question will be easily said by many. According to today's report, Bangladesh football is lagging behind.

In the country where a boy grew up after birth and ran to the field with football, they were the ones who talked about why they were on the verge of failure at the end of the day. The responsibility will have to be taken by Bangladesh Football Federation. Simply put, if Mr. Salauddin is asked about the country in charge of football, why would he just avoid the current state of Bengal football, and talk about a grand plan. But the reality is that he forgot about the improvement when he came to that responsibility. If this is the condition of the top officials of the country's football, then how can one hope that Bengal football will improve.

You will notice why neighboring India is advancing a lot in football. I will try to tell you the difference with Bangladesh. Indian football rivals have improved the quality of their football by hosting franchise-based events like the IPL. We are organizing BPL in cricket. Football needs to be organized. India is ranked 104 in the world football rankings. Even a few years ago it was at number 150. And in Bangladesh it was a little behind. Bangladesh's current ranking of 190 is a real shame for Bangladesh football. The people of Bangladesh have a place in the World Cup football. Evidence of time is found that the tide flows in every World Cup, although Bangladesh football is far behind. Even then, there was a rift between the supporters of Brazil and Argentina. Bangladesh Premier League is a professional competition of football but it is very unprofessional in terms of organization. When rain water collects in the field, sand is thrown and the field is leveled. There are no trees in many parts of the field. Tin fence on one side of the field.

This is the state of football in the country. Besides, India has a long-term plan to strengthen its position in Asian football. One of the aspects of the work of the All India Football Federation is to select footballers from the grassroots. And in this respect, Bangladesh is still far behind. In fact, in order to improve the football of the country, the top officials of the country have to take responsibility. As well as having to work adequately with the players. There is also a need for a dedicated person like Barrister Saidul Haque Sumon. He has been working for a long time to inspire the footballers on his own field.

Above all, it is necessary to do what is needed for the development of football in the country. That is the demand of football fans.

So friends so far today. I would like to ask you a question, will Bangladesh be able to stand tall on the world football stage?

Stay well everyone stay healthy thank you so much everyone.