The deeper the night, the closer the morning. This is how a disaster ends. In difficult situations, times come to a standstill. Spring in life is as good as happiness comes after sorrow, but life has to cross the path of a friend. Engineering has crossed such a path. Ronaldo accused of rape in 2018 US model movie song approaches 13 years ago at the end of the season in 2009. She was raped in a hotel at the time. She said Ronaldo paid her to have an illicit affair but denied it. Ronaldo had an affair with star Katrina, but it was only with the consent of the two that he began to prove his case. Ginger said the court's dismissal of the case was baseless Addiction

Catherine will not be able to sue Ronaldo even if she wants to in the future, and she will face harassment and defamation. Katrina's lawyer said most of the documents presented in court were sorted.

Las Vegas court seeks compensation, lawyers send notice to court At night