There may be some tears and pains that the life of Histor Tihasik Lionel Messi think of this day, lack of rules and money, I cannot keep him in such a shortage of money and not young legends from childhood. President Papatta said that when he took a new responsibility, the club died clinically, 'they overcome their financial crisis. The last club of La Liga has tied the last club to the sel -boundary of 5 million because their financial continuity is currently spent on the player's cellry, the club will spend 565 million euros a year, where 709 million incomes are 6600 million salary. The dwarf is more dreamy than catching the moon in the sky, but the monsoon is now a dream to protect that dream. You

Catalan's first target players have been reduced to 400 million euros to increase the cost of increasing the cost of increasing the cost of increasing the cost of the Catalan, but the sel's limit is already subtracted because the annual income will be at least 700 million euros and its own company's BLM and its own company. La Liga TV Rights will sell 10% of La Liga TV rights, but have already been sold for 25 years to earn 16 million euros a year for 25 years because it will not change in 25 million euros houses if it has to open the match with the match. The match will not win, starting from sponsored money to TV Rights 10000, so free transfer does not only depend on free transfer, so Rafinia is between 58 million euros and then from Bayan Munich to Leandoski K -Lawandoski from Bayan Munich. The Catalans are trying to overcome the crisis if they can successfully do the job in Barcelona if they can successfully do this journey, it must be a role model after President Huala.