Today's post is about how much we speculate about World Cup football, whether we actually know what the real value of this World Cup trophy is and whether the winning team actually gets the trophy.

Half a year before the start of the World Cup, but a year before the World Cup may have come to the forefront, but why is the trophy that caused so much fighting? The answer to the question is in today's post.

World Cup football started 92 years ago today. Initially named the Julerim Trophy, the current FIFA World Cup trophy is the current World Cup trophy that was first unveiled in 1974. The trophy was handed over to the finalists. No team has gone to the cup three times in the last four decades. The current trophy is an 18-carat gold jar of pesticide with a height of 36.8 cm and a weight of 6.1 kg. In Bangladeshi currency

One crore 35 lakhs is just a number, but when it comes to the World Cup trophy, its value is one. It is a lovely trophy designed to conquer the world on the field. It is written that they have won the World Cup twice and also the names of Spain and France.

Betty of the FIFA World Cup is a gold coating that separates the two covers from the two green fair sites where the word FIFA World Cup is clearly engraved in English. The entire trophy stands on a gold plate. Under the current paper rules, every World Cup winning team receives a gold-plated replica prize. The original football trophy has been on display at the FIFA World Football Museum in Zurich, Switzerland since 2016, and is part of a world tour courtesy of Coca-Cola. The first World Cup trophy came out in 2006. This time the real trophy came to Bangladesh.

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