Neither fantasy nor any writer's story The international goal of an Indian footballer has surpassed almost all the legends of the past. According to the report, Neymar Jr. is in the race to become one of the best footballers in the world, but the whole world is far away. Comparing Sunil to Neymar Messi is nothing but nonsense, but the record is not something to be outdone when it comes to numbers. Messi now has 86 goals. Asked if Sunil Shetty has scored more goals than Messi's record-breaking goal, he said nothing is bigger than the country's victory. 82 goals after nine matches

When it comes to zone, Sunil says he looks like he has scored so many goals. It seems that I am older. In fact, those who have seen me from a young age know that I have never bothered about statistics. I don't think about it. When asked about that, he jokingly said that in the team meeting, it seems that the coach did not tell us that you have told us that you can start the victory by listening to Yuvbharati Matalen, but you can say that you can start with a happier win by not scoring the happiest goal. No sense in telling you now - I don't wanna ruin the suprise. When it comes to the market, his name comes up loudly. Neymar Jr. will not be able to find Sunil Chhetri. Speaking in numbers

Sunil Chhetri could overtake Messi in the current Asia Cup qualifiers