Paul Pogba set foot in Turin half a century later, but the city's love for Prince Sarwar has not diminished, but his age has diminished with age. The claim was 20 million euros a year, but agreed to 14 million, but Pogba thought that clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Piaz wanted him, but there was no response from any of them. At the time, Pogba was on the menu for a record 105 million euro transfer free. The latest news is that Usman Dembele is set to sign a nine-year contract with Barsha, which will run for two years. Philippe Coutinho almost wanted to play Aston Villa six months ago Half

Brazilian forward Steven Gerrard has signed a four-year deal with English Premier League side Aston Villa. Manchester United have decided to cut the salaries of all their players by 25 per cent, which Ronaldo cannot accept, according to some media reports. The Portuguese superstar blames family reasons for this, but who can say whether Ronaldo's fate will be like that of his former Manchester United teammate Pogba as he has not agreed to a pay cut?