Which is the most astonishing duel in club football? The solution to that question would be — ostensibly El Clasico. The Genuine Madrid-Barcelona match has consistently acquired additional significance because of the ritzy group, fan base spread across the globe and the competition between the associations. Particularly when Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo played for Barca and Genuine, the energy of El Clasico was at another level.

After Ronaldo left Genuine and afterward Messi left Barcelona, the energy has died down a little. Yet, El Clasico is as yet perhaps of the best duel in sports history. The destiny of the time is in many cases chosen by the loss of the two groups in the El Clasico. So everyone's eyes of the time are on the date of El Clasico. Some might try and check these dates on the schedule. Now is the ideal time to put it on the schedule. The timetable for the new time of La Liga has been distributed.

Normally, when the timetable emerged, everyone was focused on El Clasico. As per La Liga's new timetable, Genuine Barca will play the primary El Clasico on October 29 this year. The principal El Clásico of the time will be at Barcelona's Estadio Olímpico Luis Comunidad. From that point forward, these two groups will meet in the return leg on April 21 one year from now. The second El Clasico of the association will be held at Genuine Madrid's Santiago Bernabeu.

Genuine won 3-1 at the Bernabeu in the main leg of La Liga last season. Barca retaliated for this misfortune at Camp Nou in the following leg. Barca dominated the game in Spring this year 2-1. In any case, considering the general record in La Liga, Genuine's power was more prominent than Barca's. The Madrid club has won 77 out of 186 matches in La Liga. Conversely, Barca won 74 matches and drew 35 matches. Notwithstanding, Barca have won 3 of the last 5 matches.

After the El Clasico, the most fascinating coordinate with regards to La Liga is the Madrid derby. Football sweethearts likewise have their eyes on this battle between the two city equals Genuine and Atletico Madrid. The competition between the two neighbors assumes a significant part in choosing the title of La Liga. The principal match of the Madrid derby this season will be on September 24 this year. The two groups will confront each other on the field of Atletico.

Also, these two groups will meet in the Santiago Bernabeu in the second leg on February 4 one year from now. Genuine will play their most memorable match of the time beginning August 13 against Athletico Bilbao. Where the ongoing bosses Barcelona will play their most memorable match against Hetaf. What's more, in the last match of the time, Genuine's rival at home is Genuine Betis. Then again, Barcelona will have Sevilla in their last match.