Cristiano Ronaldo has ruled the world with such iconic images and celebrations, but since the beginning of this storm, the red Manchester bandage has given him unwavering support. The question is how much Ronaldo was able to pay this time around because a report in the British media The Stan said that the club had given Ronaldo a 6 figure bonus as a pound. The deal was supposed to be signed but before that day it became clear that the Portuguese star did not want to stay at the club anymore. The decision was made from 4 lakh 80 thousand pounds a week That's it

Ronaldo joins menu at 00 6million less than Juventus last year With these 18 teams in the league, Ronaldo has become the third highest scorer in the league. Only Liverpool's Masala Hot Ten Hacking Mention has scored 30 goals, but they have played five more matches than Ronaldo at the age of 37. It's hard to accept that a forward like Ronaldo is missing out on the Champions League because he can't take it easy, so it's very normal to leave the club, but after taking a big bonus in his pocket, he can't accept it because he expressed that desire.