He was named the FIFA Player of the Century in 2000 after the soccer magician Pel. His football career could are 20 more, but the chaotic life didn't allow him to become so hot that he was fined 70,000 for drugs within the middle of his love career The people of the region raised money. The council tried to fine him. He mingled with the emotions of the people. He even committed suicide in Bangladesh due to his ban. i'm talking about who Argentina fan is. Stay tuned till the top to understand the small print of the story of the autumn of his football career personal life

Diego Maradona and Sex Dalma Sulfur The couple moved into the house on October 30, 1969. Their fourth child, Armand Maradona, Diego Maradona was born within the province's polyclinic and hospital, but his father often had to eat Muslim to run Arun's entire family, including his six grown children. The environment has been within the family since childhood and therefore the two younger brothers were professional footballers. As a result, he started playing football at a really young age. He made 134 appearances for the team in history and won the Boy title at the age of 12 in 1976, just 10 days before his 16th birthday. The Hungarian made his international debut on February 27, 1977 at the age of 16.

the subsequent year, the 1978 World Cup was played reception by the Argentines. At the time, Maradona was at his peak, but he didn't make the planet Cup squad. Participating within the 20 World Cups, he had already moved to Qatar together with his players. Argentina won the tournament 3-1, defeating the Soviet Union 3-1 within the final. The Boca Juniors, an Argentine club that relocated for 1,000,000 euros after the planet Cup led to 1981, joined in mid-1981 and went on to win the primary league championship in 1998. the most important football event within the world, the 1982 World Cup , was Argentina's debut. Hot Paper and Defending Champion

Despite falling behind within the first round, Argentina lost to Brazil within the second round, the dream came to an end and Brazil made another change after the planet Cup. The maradona joined Barcelona in 1982 for 15 million euros. He won the Copa del Rey with Bar in 1983 and therefore the Spanish Super Cup with Bar, but the timing didn't go well. The Napoli No. 10 jersey seems to be a frenzy for fans at the time. it had been the foremost successful time in Napoli's history thus far . it had been due to his religion that Napoleon returned within the 1906/87, 1900/89/90 seasons and have become the club's top scorer within the Maradona tournament in 1986/87. Besides getting to Copa Italia in 1987 and being runner-up in 1900

After winning the Italian Super Cup in 1989/1990 and returning to the championship within the 1987/1989 season, he became a runner-up within the Championship. Shortly before the 1986 World Cup , Maradona played for Manchester United during a 2-1 convert Hotspur. Meradana scored a goal within the final minute of the sport after a goalless half within the most memorable match of the britain quarter-finals. Maradona's second goal just 14 minutes later was called The Hand of God. He took the ball for himself on the sector , ran the shock halfway through the sector , overcame five English defenders and goalkeeper Petersen. Also selected as a television about August 22, 2005

Said he didn't touch his head and at that moment he knew it had been illegal then they lost all the teams one by one and that they won the second title with Germany within the final.

The local Aste Kha authorities erected a statue of the Maradona Goal of the Century ahead of the stadium in honor of him receiving the Golden Ball because the best player to help . The statue was placed ahead of the stadium entrance. He was also silent at the planet Cup thanks to an ankle injury. He suffered a record 50 fouls during a single World Cup , and a record 23 fouls during a single match. Controversial penalty Andreas is that the only college Germany has not won two World Cups during a row Argentina was alright but during a hurry Maradona seems to be falling into rhythm. Maradona is hooked in to cocaine. The police

People tried to boost money on their own, but Maradona was not at the club. He was caught during a drug test, returned from a 15-month ban. Although interested, he joined Spanish club Sevilla, where he remained for a year. In 1993, he became his own. In 1900, Maradona was banned from playing within the World Cup for 2 months after being caught within the World Cup. He scored 34 goals in 91 games. He returned to Boca Juniors in 1995 and played there for 2 years before retiring from all sorts of football on the evening of his birthday in 1997. He later began his coaching career as Argentina's head coach at the 1910 World Cup . within the same year, he was named national team coach in Time Magazine's Top 10 World Cup squad of all time

Maradona was married to Biryani on November 7, 1984. Maradona has two daughters, Maradona and large Mia are separated. Maradona Diego Fernando was born in 2013 to his ex-girlfriend in 2013.