One crore rupees is enough to become a millionaire. Millions of people spend their lives in the dream of becoming a millionaire and if someone sells a jersey and earns a few crores of rupees, then for many it is a skyrocketing idea. However, this is not a fantasy at all.

Messi is the magician of football, Messi is the magician of football. Many people dream of touching this footballer, one of the best arguing players on the planet. If the jersey he is wearing is found there, then Sohaga in gold is also the match jersey in which the match is more than Messi Basic. It must be remembered that two goals were tied with the Barcelona supporters. Rainy Jorda Alba converted the last kick of the match from the side and changed the scoreboard.

As if Messi wanted to say, look at who scored the goal, then he wanted to get one or two supporters of the message series, it was his 500th goal for Barcelona. It would be a mistake not to mention the name of the player directly since football fans would want to get the 500th jersey of any team supported by any team in the world.

If the jersey is still in the custody of the stars, many people are earning two paise by auctioning it off. But many others say that the Argentine media pluseone8 made in another way. "I will not sell this jersey unless I need a lot of money," he said. I want to keep it for the rest of my life. The jersey has been exchanged twice before the 24-year-old man now lives in Chicago, USA. The city will be shocked by those who bought the jersey in four and a half million dollars in Bangladeshi currency at a cost of about 14 crore 21 lakh rupees, but in the current auction, the price can be found to be more than twenty crore rupees. It may be the power of Lionel Messi who touches.