Mohamed Shala was born in 1992 to a middle-class family in the Egyptian city of Ghar Beer, where he was born into a low-income family like a footballer. Mostly It wasn't long before he couldn't play football. He grew up watching football. As he got older, the ban on football grew from his family, but he was persistent. He continued to play football. He started his club career in 2006 by playing for Elma Colon's youth team, then moved to Al Malum's Senior Club in 2010. However, his place was initially on the sideline bench. Egypt's under-20s and the right to play with the feeling that the club's success was followed by a chance to play in the national team. He failed to score the first goal for the national team and scored a month later in the national team match against Nigeria.

He played in the Under-20 World Cup the same year and played well for the team at the Summer Olympics the following year, leading the team to the quarter-finals. At the same time all the matches of the season were canceled but this brought a smile on the face of the switch club Russell authorities because they had their eye on Salah for a long time and the closure of the Egyptian Premier League seems to have added to their advantage. He had a friendly match with John. The match was held at Bakshal Stadium. Mohammed salla did not play in the first half. He got the decision for his club from there and then asked Shala to come home for a week for training and then pay all the formalities. If

The four-year contract started with the debut of the first season of the Wefa Champions League. He signed his own talent to take the team to the semifinals but failed to win the cs8. Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho played a key role in helping his country qualify for the World Cup in Brazil and played in the 2014 season 14 Trance in the 14th World Cup in Chelsea. Chelsea but his address to the star-studded club is sideline but with the opportunity but he burns out. At the very beginning of 2014 15 he went to Egypt for compulsory military training. Here he met the Prime Minister of Egypt. In the magic of the feet, Fiorentina returns to their old form


So Fiorentina wanted to keep him in the team but he joined the Italian club. He started his journey through Roma in August 2015. Exactly the following month, Fiorentina went to court for breach of contract against Chelsea but lost the case. And Player of the Season 3/2017 Mashallah wants a permanent contract with him, but he agreed but could not turn down the English club Liverpool's 50 50million offer for the club in 2017. He was the first Egyptian player to sign for Liverpool since 147 debut. He started the journey with four goals in 84 matches to secure a 50-run victory for the team. This was his first hat-trick for Liverpool. The number of men in the series stood at around 36. In August 2017, he was named Player of the Match by Liverpool fans and also the English Premier. He holds the record for being selected Player of the Match four times in a row in the league Of

He also holds the record for most goals scored by Oxygen in the English Premier League and at home in 2017. He was named the top scorer in the African Nations Cup this year and also played a key role in helping the team reach the final. In his personal life, Shala is very consciously following the rules of Islamic life. After every goal he scored on the field, he turned to the Qibla and got married in 2012 according to the Islamic rites. There were no special guests at his wedding. He invited people from all over the village. He also ended the video with a very interesting piece of information that is very different from all the other media events. The speed of Mohammad Salah is 20.7 kilometers per hour. And he knew 2013/14 about the biographies of the fastest players.