"Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim"

Mohammad Salah is such a player. He has established himself as an ideal personality not only on the playground, but also on and off the field with his beauty and pious demeanor. Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar may be the most popular players in the world today, but their supporters are not the only ones to condemn them. Mohamed Salah was born on June 15, 1992 in Egypt. Mohammad Salah was not very good at reading and writing as a child, he was busy with sports all day long. Even when he was at home, he would sit and watch football on TV all day without studying. Growing up, he joined a club in Cairo that was about 200 miles from his home. Once there, he had to change cars at least five times.

Thus he pulled 8 days 5 days a week for four consecutive years

He used to travel by bus for hours only for his love of football. Meanwhile, Switzerland's Declar Masel was keeping an eye on Mohamed Salah. Tarabi hosts a friendly match with the Egyptian youth team. And in that match, Mohammad Salah single-handedly scored the winning goal. The people of the month have probably never been so happy to lose a match. He decides to take Shala on his team at any cost, and that's what the four-year deal is all about. The same thing happened a few years later when Chelsea lost to Salar in the Champions League and then Chelsea coach Mourinho decided to take Shala to his side as he could not be stopped. Mohamed Salah joined Chelsea that season and has played for various clubs, including Fiorentina. But he showed his best form after joining Liverpool and started scoring in the first match and then there is no stopping. He has been playing a winning role in almost every match by scoring goals. So far he has won several prestigious awards in the Premier League including Player of the Month, Golden Boot, African Player of the Year. Many compare him to Messi. That's why he has a lot of funny nicknames like Lionel Shala, Messi of the Pyramids, King of Egypt etc. Not only in the club but also in the national team and he has been making a tremendous contribution. Despite being such a big star, he has not changed at all. Mohammad Salah comes to his birthplace every Ramadan to give toys to children and to do development work. So far he has built many things in his area starting from school-hospital and is open to everyone. In this way, he has always brought smiles on the faces of the people from their side.

The popularity of Mohamed Salah has been proven by the fact that more than 1.7 million voters in Egypt's national elections have cut the names of the candidates and Salah has come to the polls by writing his name. Shala got married in 2013. They have a beautiful daughter in their family. The daughter of Shala is named Mecca after the holy city of Mecca. The funny thing is that Mecca has more respect for her father. Once a thief broke into the house but the poor man stole the bad fortune and escaped and was caught by his father. He handed the reggae to the police but Shala came and told his father to let him go and he sat down and talked to the thief and asked him to give it up. He even helped him financially and got a job so that he could return to normal life. Give.

Salha, however, has served in the army. The government decided that Shala would not have to work in the army and would contribute to the country by playing football. The results reached the World Cup for the first time in 20 years in the world. Md. Sala has inspired the fans so much with his excellent personality and extraordinary football performance that they have composed many songs about him.

There are songs where the fans have all agreed that we are willing to be Muslims, we are willing to go to the mosque if Salah goes to the mosque. In this way, Mohammad Salah continues to deliver a wonderful message of Islam to people of all religions and castes around the world.