"Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim"

Kante is one of the footballers of clubs like France and Chelsea. He has no shortage of fame. France wins World Cup Champions League That’s why football fans are looking forward to seeing him at a glance or taking pictures with him. But there is not a drop of arrogance in so many farmers. Born into a Muslim family in France, this footballer is a man of clay. His teammates often say that no one can dislike Kante even if he wants to. Sarfaraz Ahmed tweeted a picture of himself with Kant from Sarfaraz Ahmed’s Twitter account, where he said he has a great personality. She went to the supermarket to shop. , Listened attentively to a common man. Despite being such a big star footballer, Kante has come to buy his necessities which is a big surprise for Sarfaraz. Fatigue joined Leicester City in 2015. At the time, his supporters were surprised to hear him say something.

But his teammates told him it was not possible. As a result, he was forced to buy a mini cooker car worth 3,000 euros, which was old again. The car crashed in 2018 but the French footballer who won the World Cup is still driving. Expensive car houses have no interest in all this. In 2018 his current club Chelsea signed him to a contract worth 290,000 euros per week.

Club authorities advised him to hide the money. This will reduce the tax, but he said do not cheat, he will pay the full tax. He was supposed to go to France by train from England in 2018 but he missed the train and went to a mosque next to the station to pray. An Arsenal fan named Badrul finds fatigue there. Seeing Kante, the man of the country invited him to his house. Kante went to his house with that supporter, and spent some great moments there. If he is one of the most famous footballers in the world, he accepts the invitation of the fans. He doesn’t like to make a fuss after winning a title or success. When he won the Super Cup a few days before the exhaustion, he was seen standing to one side eating pizza while the players were dancing.