No matter how far the goal net is, he will show his goal in any way and for this reason he has scored 1281 goals in 63 games of his career. This statistic. Towards the top of her career, Shahana was asked the name of her favorite goalkeeper. She mentioned the name of the soccer magician. I even have been talking about the soccer magician Bell for an extended time now. the daddy was involved during a name , a athlete who couldn't find an elephant thanks to poverty, but the sign was self-satisfied. Became the assistance of his growing family since childhood

Sometimes he had to comb or wipe his shoes. A young man around him was hungry, but due to his lack of cash in football consciousness, he wont to practice football by burning paper within the mouza because his father had no money to shop for football. Dad took inspiration from the sport and began playing within the small teams of the neighborhood. the design was stolen by that point . He joined the club alone. Junior was playing for this club. Peace was for this team. He moved to Mizan Santash Club in cash and was offered an opportunity in exchange for Santos when he was 15 years old. Real Madrid and Barcelona wanted to sign him to the Brazilian national team, but he never played in Europe at the request of the govt . Ler

A law has been enacted to point out reference to Pelen. He won the very best goal scorer award for corruption in Brazilian football in 2001, an equivalent year he took the place. At the age of 16 years and 9 months, Pele set the record for the primary international goal scored by a Brazilian with only one goal, and set another, but this point with 58 goals in Brazil's biggest professional league for Santos. Rakhi was just 17 years old when he was named in Brazil's World Cup squad. Brazil reached the semifinals with one goal against Quarter. He scored the goal and was named the planet Cup's top scorer. In all, he scored four goals Of

Celebrate has scored 12 goals in six World Cups since 1905. He also has ten NCCs, the record for many goals scored in two finals, the Silver Ball of that World Cup , the Silver Booth award, and therefore the award for the simplest rising star of the planet Cup. His father then told his father that he had won the planet Cup for Brazil, so he held the 28-year-old's hand at an equivalent time, and therefore the youngest member to win the planet Cup was 1959. Argentina could only beat Brazil within the draw, but Brazil scored a maximum of eight goals throughout the tournament and won the tournament's Player of the Year award. Successful career this year's Santali Brazil Continental Cup three wins are available magical craft Rao

thanks to his calm nature, even winning the Copa Libertadores Intercontinental Cup, 62 World Cups weren't a cheerful one, he had to observe the remainder of the tournament thanks to injury within the match against Zia. the planet Cup mission is over. The Brazilian team during this World Cup was caught with the simplest Brazilian team of the time, Garincha Keutsatat Center, but with the military that they had to drop out of the group stage. He scored 1000 times and visited the Maracana Stadium to observe a penalty shootout. He wasn't alleged to play within the 1970 World Cup , but later he had to play. After winning the planet Cup in Julerim Cup এ

The legend played his last international match against Yugoslavia on 18 July 1971, the subsequent year. The club left Santos, then joined ny in 1967, but didn't stay there until 1977. Cosmos became the club's championship champion in 1977. On October 1, 1977, he played Santosh's last match. Half the time he played for Santos. Although not involved, he was involved in football. He made significant contributions to the event of Brazilian football. He was awarded the UNESCO headquarters in 1995. He was awarded variety of gold medals. Also the Honorable President of latest York in 2010 T.

Elected in 2012. Graduated from the university. Day after marriage. Married 3 times . Father of 4 daughters and two sons. Motivation. Many good wishes for this legend.