"Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim"

In three years, he has given three million dollars to the helpless people of Palestine, and that person is Cristiano Ronaldo. He did not change his jersey in every match of the World Cup, angry with the Israeli players. Humanity does not have to be Muslim to stand by the Palestinians. During the 2010 to 2011 season, Ronaldo donated his Golden Boot for the treatment and education of Palestinian Muslim orphans, valued at Rs 150 crore. Ronaldo donates part of his annual income to Muslim orphanages and churches. Seeing this generosity, the Saudi president gave him the Holy Quran as a gift and Ronaldo welcomed it. Manchester sold the house and built 5,000 houses in Syria. Ronaldo was by the side of helpless Muslim children in Syria. Ronaldo donated the money he received from the team to win the Champions League to the hospital. Ronaldo paid for a child's brain surgery by selling a jersey with his autograph and a pair of band boots. Cristiano Ronaldo has donated 61 crore 13 lakh 65 thousand 495 rupees 20 paise to Nepal in Bangladeshi rupees. The first name among the most generous people of 2021 was Cristiano Ronaldo.

Many of you know that this Ronaldo does not get tattoos on his body like all other players, again at Euro 2016 Ronaldo had two spots on his right ear and there is speculation as to why this haircut has two spots on his head. According to a Spanish website, there is a human reason behind Ronaldo not cutting his hair in fashion at all because he was forced to shed tears when he heard the story. Ronaldo has reportedly borne the cost of treating a child with cancer in Portugal, who reportedly left the hospital with two head injuries. Ronaldo left two hairstyles to show sympathy for the child. The hair is cut in such a way that the two spots are clearly visible, with two teeth visible near the right ear. Ronaldo made it clear on the playground that he was by the side of the sick child. He is the most expensive celebrity in the world as well as the most generous celebrity in the world. The president, who gave him the Qur'an as a gift, prayed that day, "I have never seen such a generous man with his heart as he cries in silence for so many Muslims."

I pray that one day the great Lord will plant the seed of faith in his heart. He may enter the religion of peace, La ilaha illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah. Then all his good deeds will be one of the ways to go to paradise. May the great God give Ronaldo the right path, Amin.