"Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim"

Sergio Romero's Life Story Corporate Symbol of Life Career is a thing of the past In this post we will discuss in detail about Sergeo Romero, the Argentine goalkeeper who is the son of Bete.

Room was born in the Argentine-Brazilian border town. The family was all basketball fans, but football entered the room. In the beginning, he was trying to be a striker like ten kings, but he was crushed and turned into a goalkeeper. He played for Argentina and made his Premier Division debut for the Racing Club. He was called up for the Argentine youth team. He wore the national team jersey to the 2007 South American Youth Championship. How he became number one in the Olympic youth team when he was called up to the 2008 Olympic team. How did he become Argentina's coach? Until the World Cup in character He played in all the World Cup matches with confidence. He played with confidence. The performance for this national team is known to be a bit crazy. He has been the subject of a lot of laughs and jokes since he was digested. At this time, the Argentine Chandria became irregular in the XI.

Appeared at the 2014 World Cup without a hitch and dreamed of showing off his heroism there. A few eye-catching feats saved from four penalties in a row from two penalties against the Netherlands. He can't afford a place in the XI. He also said in his contract that he is willing to go to any club but he just needs to be given a chance to play a little bit. Although he was not in the football league, Romero began to open his mouth a little at the start of the cup. Even the new coach Jose Mourinho gave him a chance to play in the Europa League. The dream of the time is just to be regular by writing and in another World Cup Messi forces to do something different Of

Because he is having a great time for the national team, he can dream during Ramadan, but where did he get all the ghostly interest random dream of watching the 2018 World Cup became random. The Argentine Football Federation thought it would wait, but was quick to point out that it was not possible for Romero to recover from the World Cup. This means that the dream has now gone away. Every morning, the team list, which is practicing, seeks its own name and every day, the daily light begins to pass like that.