Ibrahimovic is more talked about than he is known for the game. After criticizing former Norwegian footballer John Kerry and Ibrahimovic, Ibrahimovic's answer was that I can do it with Carrie's football. Premium petrol needs to run Guardiola has tried to buy diesel, he needs to buy a flat, not just a manipulation of words. As a footballer, he understands the business well. He played one-on-one for Khelena X in Amsterdam. Turin has an event in Inter AC Milan. Barcelona was in a city club like Paris. Manchester is surrounded by all the big banks in the world. If you see, your eyes may rise to the forehead due to a knee injury in the next six hours Who

Bra, 41, has signed a one-year deal with AC Milan and is currently on a one-year contract. At the moment, he is receiving a salary of around 1.5 million euros. He has money for other things. They lost their tradition of winning the serial title after 9 years, but their salary has dropped by less than half under the new contract. Ibra will stay at AC Milan until the summer of 2023, but most of the time without any service. In the case of the footballer, it is more or less the AC Milan's account.