Hello friends, today is going to be a very interesting post. Today we will know who is the best between Brazil and Argentina.

Past or present Argentina Brazil's argument is that Brazil lost to existing Brazil by a huge margin a long time ago. However, the gap between the boys does not decrease after that, although in terms of the distance between the two teams.

The question of who is the best Brazil or Argentina is the first time the two teams first appeared more than 100 years ago. In a special series called the Copa Julio Roga Cup, Argentina faced Argentina in a three-match title race, the first and last match of which the first match of the series saw Brazil beat Argentina 6-1. Held on the Gas Metro

The match ended in a seven-goal hat-trick with Argentine forward Carlos DCDD of Users adjusting the tax rate to two. The other goal of the historic match of the month was the only goal for Ilbert Bill. Tuition scores three goals in a row in a minute. Tuition scores his second and fourth goals in the 80th minute of the minute or the last goal in the 88th minute. The hosts lost the first leg of a six-goal defeat to the Roga Cup title almost five years ago, but turned the tide in the second leg. Adele Alf scored a goal for Argentina from the penalty spot. Redo

If their stomachs soften, keep their second goal scorer in the cup. Never again will Argentina lose the title. The highest title in the Nibresin Tournament is Brazil. They are four months ahead.

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