It is not easy to find a football fan whose heart is not pounding when he hears the word Clsico. Their fight is not so much about football as it is about fighting against the arch-rival committee of tradition. According to Orr's statistics, Real Madrid and Barcelona have no plans to build a team with the best footballers, and no one has to keep an eye on the Balloon d'Or. The Balloon d'Or was awarded that year by the English club Manchester Name Use. Every year since then, the award has been given to the best footballer, but the coronavirus did not award it in 2020. Stefano went on to win the award the following year, with French midfielder Raymond instead of just a player.

Copper has won 11 Balloon do's since then. Real's players have won 11 of them, according to estimates. Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo has won the award four times in the hands of seven players, but Manchester United's Balloon d'Or has won the rest of the Red Devils. Spanish midfielder Luis Suarez won the award for the Catalans in 1960. Twice in a row in 1973/74. Johan Cruyff has won the award at Barcelona. He has won the D'Or six times, but the Argentine star's total number of Balloon do's is seven.