Cristiano Ronaldo, who had not even sought the emotions of the fans breaking the mobile phone, was unable to control the emotions. The champion has missed his favorite club CR7 and this is the summary so that the next destination of Ronaldo has begun with the imagination of who has taken Ronaldo 37 years of Ronaldo. At the moment, the Barcelona Catalan Club went to the Catalan Club at a low price senior players and footballers at free transfer, because if they left Ronaldo for the knot, they would leave for free and if he was willing to come home for the Champions League. Ronaldo that can be seen as an enemy in the career that can go Ben

Whether it was a big question, there was another joke chance to go to Chelsea than Ronaldo won the Champions League twice, but gold could have gone to Cyt, but in the meantime Rahim Stalin had a lot to go in the squad, so Ronaldo was closed for Ronaldo. The option was that Ronaldo's video was not discussed in the water, but the fire was burning in the fire, Oliver Kahn, the head of the force, said that there is a football visit with Cristiano Ronaldo, who is not at once the same as the record price or the entire trancefar market. One day after another, the club reports where to get a new address in such a career of career, or to learn in Manu, it is necessary to wait a few days.