Messi may be the same as Zinedine Zidane, which means that Zinedine Zidane can be Leon's Messi. Zinedine Zidane's departure from Sporting Director

PSG's coaching staff may be in turmoil. Who could replace the head coach? After removing Leonardo from the post of Sporting Director in this place, Dim Poch will share the Sporting Directorate and say goodbye to the new good boy Pancha. According to reliable sources, Kavya Allready is looking for a new coach and the names on the list are not much less than protein but they are ahead in many places. The chemistry between Lionel Messi and Zidane was tied up, but it would not be true.

The most beautiful moment in the current football world may be born where one of the legends of Real Madrid will be the legend of the legend. Maybe it would have been a great release after Messi left Bar

a If it is true that the marriage was not told to anyone, then those who dreamed of seeing the chemistry of Messiah Zidane, give up hope, tell yourself that it is impossible, and those who think so, tell yourself that it is possible to get a lot in football, maybe more is possible. The French president's plan for Zidane may be different once again because of the incident, but the French president says Zidane should return to France, he will hold our big ad in his hands, the country's football will go further, and Macro said Zidane's experience of winning three Champions Leagues for Real is great. So I want to work for France to be the world champion on their list of favorites or whatever.

Whether or not that should be the case before Farewell Farewell Anything is possible - Impossible Zidane's match but gone Just thinking about coaching Not thinking they have a player can be cut Dollar, however, does not have a name on the list. Neymar Jr. Neymar Jr. will bring a lot of success to the marriage without their time.