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The first time winner of the ATK (Kolkata) on home ground. For the first time in the season, Steve Coppell's team has scored in Yuva Bharti. After five matches Kalu got the first goal. This time in this Super League for the first time in the league table, this team has reached the first four. Not only this, but the previous year's champion team has also got worried after reaching their first four.

There has been an interesting betide with him on this day. Chennai could not win in five consecutive matches so far. When Indian Bollywood Actor Abhishek Bachchan was leaving the field after losing the match with very much shame, it has been seen that in front of the opposite gallery, ATK's footballers were excited to shout at the audience and congratulate the audience.

Even after this kind of victory, coach Steve Coppell did not feel much happier. He said, "The first victory at home and defeating the last time champions, it is a good night for us, but in front are still very difficult teams and they will have to play with a strong team like Bangalore" and also said, the moving forward from 02 goals within 14 minutes was the turn of the match.

The last four times that the two sides shared in equal proportion are the duck to get oxygen in the last four. But it was feared that two British coaches of both the teams. Because Coppell and John Gregory prefer defensive thinking in any match. But the difference was the opposite. To save the team, there was an aggressive thinking between the players of the team. As a result, there was a lot of interest in the game. Within fifteen minutes for the first time in the season, ATK has scored 02 goals. Styler Kalu and Stepan Johnson - Courtesy of two foreign players, Coppell's team has reached the first four. Last time, Delhi made thirteen goals for Dynamos and became a torch. But when the color of the jersey changed, its color had disappeared. This is the reason that, perhaps, after scoring, he forgot to celebrate the festival. The second goal of ATK was for the combination of Manuel Leonardo and John Johnson. But in spite of 2-0, the goal given by Chennai can come within the top five goals of ISL.

As the game supporting the Manuel Lanzarote was played on the field in the form of a supporting striker. He was the best player in the match. If the Kalu, Balwant and Komal Thatal do not lose some easy chance tomorrow, there will be a lot of smile on the face of the Coppell before the break. But it did not happen, after the break, there was pressure on the ATK's team. If goalkeeper Arindam was definitely unable to save the goal, then the Coppell's team could have been in danger. Whatever happens, in the end, Kolkata has won a good win from Chennai 2-0.

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