Anthony griezmann scored the first goal in barcelona jersey. Luis suarez scored two goals. Dembele also got a taste of the round. Barcelona easily won the friendly against Napoli. Barcelona defeated Napoli 4-1. Lionel messi was out of the match due to an injury. Without him barcelona would have no problem winning. griezmann entered barcelona this year from atletico madrid at 120 million euros. Griezmann who had played multiple matches before the start of the season had a taste of the first goal yesterday. Griezmann scored in the 56th minute of the match. Suarez saw goals in 48 minutes and 61 minutes later. Suarez scored a goal in the second half after missing the first half. It wasn't time for suarez to get the second goal. Napoli did not score any goals despite occupying 42 percent of the ball throughout the match. Barcelona first match against atletico bilbao in la liga on friday. Messi will take the field in the first match for the title holders.