Chelsea have not yet to win in the English Premier League in two matches. After a big shame against manchester united in their first match Leicester city have given chelsea a restraint yesterday. Chelsea have not been doing well in the last few seasons. This year the beginning of the season has been bad for them. Their premier league match against lester city yesterday was a 1-1 draw. Chelsea go ahead in the seventh minute of the match. Mason Mount pulled the ball out of the dumb NDD just outside the D-box. The young Englishman forwards defeated the goalkeeper in the low shot quickly entering the D-box. Lester continued to play aggressively against chelsea after the break. The Chelsea defense put pressure on them to return to parity in the 67th minute of the match. The NDD targeted the nearest post by heading to the corner. The rest of the time guests play great offensive football. But the team failed to score any goals in the failure of the attack. As a result the two teams had to leave the field by sharing points. Chelsea lost to manchester united 4-0 in their first match of the league. Chelsea fans have to keep an eye on the next match to get a taste of their first win in the english premier league.