The match begins with two bad news for barcelona. The first is that messi is not fit to play in this match another to philip coutinho going away bayern munich. The bad news has not been pleasant for barcelona after the match. Barcelona once again lack lionel messi. Lionel messi could not play due to an injury on friday night La Liga season opener. Current champions barcelona lose 1-0 to weak atletico bilbao. The first 30 minutes of the match was occupied by bilbao. Barcelona goalkeeper twice bilbao goal was thwarted. But barcelona missed the best chance in the first half luis suarez got the ball inside the D-box on bilbao wrong back pass in the 33rd minute of the match. But unfortunately the shot gets stuck in the post. Luis suarez left the field in the right foot in the 37th minute. In 44 minutes barcelona fell into disarray once more. This time a high angled shot from rafinha outside the D-box takes the crossbar. Barcelona did not see a goal in the second half. When the path to the goalless draw is right Bilbao replacement player aritz aduriz then stunned barcelona. A brilliant kick in the 89th minute made the barcelona goalkeeper foolish. Six years later bilbao won against barcelona in the league.