In today match luck is looking at belle and it is not too late to turn her back. Bell scored two goals in the match. He also left the field after seeing the yellow card twice at the last minute. On the day of the ball real madrid drew 2-2 at the vialreal field. Within 12 minutes of the match real madrid sitting in the goal digest. From the counter-attack marino goal was to give the hosts the start. Courtois stopped the ekambi shot in the first attempt. But could not clear perfectly. With the ball marino did not make the mistake of utilizing easy opportunities. Mourinho took a good shot from the goal two minutes before. Real players who were lagging behind at the beginning were desperate for goals. Neither benzema-bell nor Casimiro-Vasquez were seeing the face of the goal. At the end of the first half game the zidane disciples returned to parity with bell goal in extra time. The real walls star is caught in a net netting from carbahl extended ball to the perfect finish. Zidane lifted luca modrich in the second half lifting zubich in the 70th minute. Zidane wants to have confidence in modrich to speed up the game. Modrich also reassured. From a great cross from modrich the ball was caught in a net by a bullet-speed shot. However, before the second goal of the ball in the 86th minute mohair gomez of viral scored the goal. Bell returned parity with a second goal. Then at the summit bell had to leave the field after seeing the yellow card twice.