Sad news for Messi fans. Lionel Messi got injured in the pre-season preparation. Barcelona's Argentina star could not travel to the United States due to this injury. After the preliminary examination, the medical panel said Messi had to be out of the field for at least two weeks for a right foot injury. Due to an injury, it is feared that he will not be able to play the first match of the new season in La Liga. A few weeks ago, some matches were played in preparation for the season, but captains Messi and Luis Suarez could not play for the extra holiday. Suarez played on Sunday against Arsenal, but Messi did not participate in the match. Messi is set to practice for the first time on Monday after taking a vacation. The prospect was to start playing the next match after the break but Messi, who received an injury to his right leg shortly after starting practice, will have to rest for two weeks for the injury.