What If Scorum Became The Official Blockchain and Social Media Center for the AAF?

Everyone that follows American Football probably knows by now that the AAF has suspended all operations. I was very much enjoying this league and their own unique brand of football, it was the first time that I've been really interested, even captivated by professional football in years. All this enthusiasm and building anticipation of big games to come between fast forming rivalries was dashed with a bucket of cold water in the form of a tweet and a brief message on the AAF website.

So apparently this was mainly about money, but there are rumors swirling about technology rights and behind the back deals that blindsided some of the other backers and investors. Whatever happened it was bad for the fans, bad for the host cities, bad for the creditors, bad for the venders, and devastating for the players and coaches!

What I want to do is take a look at what a partnership between the AAF and Scorum would look like. What if Scorum was hosting the entire AAF, The organization itself, all of the teams, and all of the players? Let's suppose that Scorum worked out a deal with the AAF organization to fund their main account on Scorum with lets say 1,000,000 SP, each team with 100,000 SP, and each player with 1,000 SP under the condition that they would hold these tokens for at least one year before powering any tokens down. In return the AAF agrees to an initial purchase of $10,000,000 million worth of SCR on the open market for paying the players salaries, that's right the players would be paid in SCR that they could use to power up, sell on the open market, or use on Betscorum. 10 million should not be that hard to raise for a team that has spent a lot more than that over this partial season.

The purchase of $10 million dollars worth of SCR on the open market would drive the price of SCR up well over $1, I would estimate that it would rise to around $10. Do you see where I'm going? If AAF had 1 million SP and the price of SCR rose to $10, then the holdings of the AAF organization would increase to 10 million dollars, in other words they would pay for their own investment. Not only that but each team would be worth over 1 million and each player would instantly have an account worth $10,000.

But the fun doesn't stop there. Now the AAF organization can use their vast amount of SP to upvote the weekly blogs of each team and player. The team could also upvote the blogs of their players, and the players could upvote the comments of their fans on their blogs! Fans would join Scorum to be a part of all of this and they would bring many of their family and friends with them. Most of the new members would be fans of other sports besides AAF football, and they would drive a desire for other sports to get an account on Scorum so that they could interact with their fan base here. This would create a large demand for SCR tokens, which the players would be selling each week after getting paid in order to pay their bills and living expenses.

Okay, so this is just another idea from an old man sitting in his recliner with nothing better to do. And the idea might or might not work for The Alliance of American Football. But if not them then there is someone out there who might see this and see the huge potential that partnerships with the Scorum platform could bring to their organization. How many financially strapped sporting leagues are out there who could reap huge benefits just from joining Scorum and influencing their players and fans to follow them here? A small investment from a team, a league, or a boosters organization could pay huge dividends if they could just envision what Scorum's innovative technology is all about, and what it will become in the future. I believe that Scorum will eventually transform the Sports Media Industry, but I can't tell you today is who or what the catalyst will be to thrust Scorum into the spotlight and begin it's transformation from a new and innovative advancement into a fully functioning Sports Hub and Sports Media Empire. All that I know at this point is that the potential is there, but who will it be that first big partner to realize the existence of that potential and make those huge future profits from being first in line?