Barcelona, ​​who had recently stumbled over Copa del Rey, the Spanish second-highest tournament to win Real Madrid in a big way, losing El Celtic But at the last minute, Clermon Langley returned from Spanish football's third-class club Kultural Leoensar, after winning the title of Arnesto Valverd's disciples. On Wednesday night, the Catalan team wins 1-0 in the first leg of the first leg of the tournament in the first leg of the competition.

Ernesto Valvearde, the eleventh side, kept everyone out of the game in the 5-1 win over Real in Sunday's league.

On Wednesday night, Bresa went on to play as a guest on Lionsesar Stadio Municipal Reino di Leon. Barca got the goal in the first minute of the match after the scheduled time of the match. Usman Debel's excellent free kick was scored by the head of the French defender Clemon Langley as the replacement.Two minutes later Leonhorno Serhio Marcos made the second yellow card after leaving the field as a host of 10 people. But no team can take any other goal.