1. 1. Warm up and coo

Warm up is the most important one before practice or match starts. But the country's footballers are generally unaware of the warm-up. Football is going to start in the winter season. Generally, warm-up is more important in cold weather than ever before. Through this, both body and mind are made for practice or for the next step. Its work gradually increases blood circulation in the body and creates itself for the next stepIn this, oxygen and blood supply will increase in the muscles of muscles and the pace of work increases. After the practice, the importance of Cool Dawn is immense.

2. Food and nutrition

The labor that a footballer gives in the field, the ratio of the body's deficit is seen without taking food. And most of our clubs do not agree to the standard of food. That is, the list of nutritious food is not on the list.

3. Weather and climateUsually, there is a tendency to get footballers injured during the summer. Because of the small amount of energy the body gets scorched and sweat goes out with plenty of salt salt. Which makes the player tired quickly. And when the body is tired, muscles like muscle cramps are injured

4. Player accessoriesBoots that the footballers use, they can also get bruises due to the boot. Generally, players in the ankle injuries when boot booths are tough. Depending on the field, more or less spikey boots should play.

5. Mental preparationLack of mental preparedness can be a major injury. Footballers, who have been practicing from under pressure or unwillingness to do so often, do not want to practice. That can be a cause of severe bouts. If you do not listen to me, then practice or play is not right.

6. Lack of physical abilityIf you are not physically Generally pre-season preparations are not made in Bangladesh. Footballers have dropped out In this case, the knock injury is more than the footballers fall.

7. LifeTo be adapted to disciplined life, footballers have to be used. If you do not take adequate rest practice and do not take the time to eat, then there is an impact on performance, increased tendency to get hurt.

In the context of Bangladesh there is another special reason for these reasons - bad ground Many footballers are injured due to high-low and high-field field.