The footballer playing in the World Cup had played in Dhaka before. Today, in the Federation Cup Mohammedan - Bashundhara Kings' debut match in the World Cup in Russia, the Costa Rica footballer Danielle Collindres, He is the fourth foreign player to play in domestic football in Bangladesh while playing World Cup. Earlier, for the first time in the 1987 leagueTwo Iraqi footballers Samir Shakir and Karim Mohammad played the Iranian goalkeeper Nasser Hejazi and the Chihasi World Cup in the World Cup.The end of waiting is going to end. Costa Rica striker Danielle Collindres is going to make his debut in the World Cup in Dhaka. He will play in the premier league club Bashundhara Kings' jersey. He will be playing in Mohammedan-Bashundhara match in the Federation Cup today. The game will start at 3:15 pm.Collindres is not the first World Cup-footballer to play football in Dhaka. In 1987, came to play Abahani in the first division football league in Dhaka. In 1986, two Iraqi footballers Samir Shakir and Karim Mohammad Alvi played in the Mexico World Cup. Samir ShakirHowever, he also served as the coach of Bangladesh National Football team in the following stages. In that season Mohamadan was the co-owner of Kam Milkerkha, who represented Iran in the World Cup in the eight-odd World Cup in Hejazi. This famous Iranian goalkeeper played for a while in a Seben league match (21 minutes against Abahani) Hejazio became the national coach of Bangladesh.Besides, in 1987-88, Nigerian footballer Ameka Eziggo played in the two seasons Mohammedan in 1994, in the 1994 World Cup in Nigeria after being dropped. The visitor's drought that has been going on for many years in the country's football, may have some solution to the problem in the arrival of the Costa Rican footballer Collindrace.Mohammedan is the only thing that can fight against the star-studded Bashundhara team. But Bashundhara is as powerful as Mohammedan's big strength is not that huge spectator-support, even if it does not. Mohammedan's white-black jersey weight is also to be considered.