Hello! Friends,

As some players retired to go back to their family and continue their lifestyle with their friends and family, Cech Petr, who retired last month's after their loss to Chelsea FC in Europa League Final received a new contract after his professional football retired declaration.

As a professional football, Cech had received several awards, though the last game that crushes his team to 4 -1 loss end his football career as a goalkeeper he has appeared in 443 English Premier League with a record of 202 clean sheets. The 37 years old joined Chelsea FC as a one of the technical crew for the club and this is a great deal for him after his experience with the team for over 15 years with his success when he was the goalkeeper.

It is high time for Petr Cech to demonstrate his football knowledge and experience to the team and make it achievable with a great outcome that will make the team stand out this season. This is one of his aims also and he is ready to pick up the challenge. The director of Chelsea FC was delighted to see Petr Cech back to Stamford Bridge and made a declaration of Cech commitment during his playing career at Stamford Bridge. He also mentioned that Petr Cech is a thoughtful and successful professionals Chelsea have ever had.

A well befitting welcome back greetings to Petr Cech!!!