Manchester United discussions on transfer and bids continues as Sir Alex Ferguson speak out on ManU failure to be part of 4 top team in premier league. After so many months of silence from Sir Ferguson, he spoke and said it was a great mistakes to sign in Ole Gunnar after the Jose Mourinho was sacked in December 2018, he claimed that Manchester United might have signed Pochettino who is the head coach of Spurs. Well it was the decision of Woodward who is the vice executive chairman for Manchester United

As at the time Ole was signed in December, he won 8 games straight and even comeback against PSG in champion league. After this wunning OLE only win 2 games a defeated/draw in all remaining games, which make Manchester United ended up as club below top 4 in premier league.

Following consistent winning by Ole and the team, ManU signed three years contract with him and he was able to secure his stand for the next three years.

It is important that when you are failing in a particular area, its cool to ask people that are far beyond you in those area. Alex Ferguson in the midst of challenge think Ole will reach out to him when he face the challenge with the team mode of play but he focus on his own personal drives and ended him at his destination. Now, let's see what become of ManU as they have push for so many player to join the team

Do you think Ole Gunnar will succeed as head coach in Manchester W?