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Today story still focuses on transfer window happening across the board. Just like what happened in the Stamford Bridge last week Friday as Maurizio Sarri who is the Head coach for Chelsea FC demanded for his exit as the head coach to pick up Juventus offer and activate the attacking force of Cristiano Ronaldo who has recorded the worst scoring season ever in his history of football.

Christiano Ronaldo joined Juventus last season and the season ended with 21 goals. The striker is so happy with the change in the management as he seals up the approval of Sarri to become there head coach declaring that now his attacking football will resume back with full force. Don't forget that Allegri is off the track and Sarri is possibly going to be announced as the new manager for Juventus any moment from now. The compensation fee prepared for Allegri Massimiliano is close to £5million due to the fact that the coach deal is not yet over and he was signed for a purpose and failed to deliver.

C.Ronaldo believes that the change of approach from Saari may bring his attacking football back as he hopes for change in the next season. Ronaldo appearances together with his goal this season was worst. He appeared in 31 games and only netted 21 times. The record Allegri recorded at Juve was not a good one as they were chased out by Ajax in just concluded Champion League.

Furthermore, Ronaldo tried to do some analysis following the club Sarri has managed (Chelsea and Napoli), he placed Higuain, Dries Mertens and Eden Hazard on the attacking strategy he demonstrated. He said, if Higuain can record 36 goals in 35 games, Mertens recorded 28 goals in 35 games and also Hazard recorded 21 goals under his management then his contribution when arriving at Juventus will have a positive effect.

With this view, Ronaldo so his heart of gratitude to Juventus management for bringing in such an offensive coach in their midst to bring in a new approach that will activate new delivery for the entire team.

Sarri is not well appreciated in Stamford Bridge despite his wins. Let's hope for a better managerial position for him in Juventus.