And the closure of UEFA champion League Final is at the corner who will lift the 2018/19 trophy come this Saturday.

It is cleared that Spurs are ready to face the challenge after there surprising winning against Ajax early this month. The Mauricio's men are ready to face Klopp's side at Wanda Metropolitano in order to determine who to be crowned the champion. Following some highlight of the two strikers that will be the focus for that day, talking about Salah and Kane, the goals scored by Salah is more than Kane if we consider the Premier League of two consecutive seasons. There was a question that was pushed to Salah, do you wish Kane to miss the final? Salah did not give a straight answer but rather ask another question from Lineker the interviewer: why asking me this question, replied Salah?

Later he did answer by saying, well it's okay for him to play so that everyone will be ready and its really cool game when you are playing with and against a top team. Explained Salah!

When you look and play with players like Kane you will understand he is a good and dangerous player and this he has proved several times in the field of play. Go to English football, for now, he is the top scorer before Salah came. Meeting again at final is going to be tough for both side but I think Liverpool has a high tendency to win the Champion League.

Till will see what become of Spurs and Liverpool tomorrow keep your prediction coming.

Thank you!!!