Apparently I'm going to sound like some bitter old man by writing this post, but sadly at 40 years old I guess that is the role I'm about to play.

ESPN - Really?

Remember when espn was about showing sports and sports highlights? Well, I do.

Now it's all shows of professional arguing and condemnation when anyone in sports does anything that is viewed as "wrong."

And I don't mean the wrong as in a pro athlete commits a crime or hits a woman. I mean stuff that isn't wrong but you get burned at the stake for.

Latest example - Jimbo Fisher.

I'm not even much of a fan of college football, but Fisher who coaches Texas A&M grabbed a player by the face mask to tell him something and get his point across after the player did something questionable.

When I say grabbed his face mask....I'm not talking he yanked it, whipped the kids head around or any of that. He grabbed it straight on as he and the player walked up to each other and pulled him a closer to get his point across.

The talking heads on espn unanimously flamed him for being completely in the wrong and how that should never happen, yada yada.

Are you kidding me?

What the hell happened to sports in the U.S.

I'm tired of the media dictating what is right or wrong and how things should be done.