"I've no way seen such a beautiful scene in my life."

The judge's voice is pulsing. The throat could fluctuate for other reasons. The spring air was suddenly lost. An unforeseen snowfall in Toronto, accompanied by crazy wind. No, the rainfall has no part in the pulsing of the judge's voice. The gallery was overflowing in this rainfall to end the 37-time delay. Maple splint is flying in the whole gallery. There's a roar from time to time. There was no possibility of Jamaica moment.

Despite drawing at home moment, Canada continued. Indeed also, Canada would have gone to the World Cup with a thumbs up to all kinds of computations. But also the love of the gallery that isn't recompensed. The host platoon took a place in the World Cup by beating the opponent 4-0.


Canada was the clear fave in the match. On the one hand, Canada is at the top of the CONCACAF region qualifiers, on the other hand, Jamaica has formerly been excluded from the last. What has been seen in the entire selection process has happed moment. The host platoon played aggressive football moment after prostrating the loss to Costa Rica in the last match. The snowstorm didn't turn into a storm moment, but a storm swept over Jamaica on the field. Usain Bolt-Chris Gayle's country's footballers can thank their luck in the fact that only four pretensions have been scored.

The first thing came in 13 twinkles. Kyle Larin plant a lot of space inside the D-box through Stephen Ustaki's ball. Tahon Buchanan made no mistake in seizing the occasion. Junior Hewlett ended all worries about the World Cup trip in the 63rd nanosecond. Again, Jamaica made a mistake in giving further space to the opponent's player inside the D-box. At first regard, it sounded, Haillett had lost control of the ball. In 8 twinkles, Jamaica gave birth to one of the highlights of the match. Sam crossed Adekugbe. Adrian Mariappa transferred the ball into his own net to clear. Such a thing using the outside of the bottom will make any striker jealous.

While the United States, Costa Rica, Mexico, Jamaica and Honduras have played third-round qualifiers directly, Canada has had to play from the veritably first round. Canada has played 20 matches in the first, alternate and third rounds in the last one time. Canada has verified its place in the World Cup in the 19th match this morning.

Canada lost to the United States and Mexico, the two biggest brigades in the region, in the third round. He got four points from two matches with these two brigades. Such a Daputa performance has taken Canada to the World Cup for the alternate time in history.


Moment, on paper, Canada has just good for the World Cup, but the names of the other two brigades that will go directly to the World Cup from the CONCACAF region are nearly certain. The United States defeated Panama 5-1. Mexico, meanwhile, beat Honduras 1-0. Both brigades now have 25 points, while Costa Rica, who beat El Salvador 2-1, now has 22 points. One match left in the qualifying round. However, they will go straight to the World Cup, If Mexico draws with El Salvador in the last match.

Kyler Navas will have to beat the United States by at least 6 pretensions in that match. There's another way, in which case Mexico will have to lose and Costa Rica will have to close the gap of 4 pretensions between the two brigades. The fourth platoon in the region's qualifiers doesn't have a chance to play in the World Cup. They will have to play a play-off against the winning platoon from Oceania to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar.