# Debate, red card, last- nanosecond thing palm Jamjamat 2022 on the first day

Meanwhile, Kevin de Bruyne is lying on the field, Arsenal's Tomiyasu is lying on his reverse nearly in the same way. Unthinkable, there's no way to understand which platoon is the winner by looking at these two tired and exhausted at the end of one match. It was insolvable to answer without seeing the last moment of the match. The result of the match was the festivity without the panting of Ruben Diaz and Roddy in the aqua-blue jersey when the eyes went a little behind De Bruyne. The winning platoon at the end of a breathless match is Manchester City.

Rodri's thing in added time gave City a 2-1 palm over Arsenal. But the story of the match isn't just about palm and defeat. Arsenal has played their stylish match under Mikel Arteta. But the vocalizers have left the field moment with the frustration of defeat as fate has come to a handicap.

print Still, this match will be remembered by any Arsenal addict for a long time, If you forget the result. Arsenal set the record for the worst launch in their history this season. But the platoon is sluggishly changing its identity under Mikel Arteta. The arena wasn't on the field moment as he was attacked by Corona. And in his absence, his platoon played incredibly beautiful football. The last time Arsenal played such an important football match against a big platoon, there was no answer to that discussion until 2016!


Arsenal has lost their former nine Premier League matches against Manchester City. But looking at the first half of the Emirates moment, that information was inconceivable. Arsenal has shown dominance in tidy football from the veritably morning. After Buccayo Sakar's thing, Arsenal went ahead and wondered why the platoon was so late to score.

In the 10th nanosecond, Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson threw Martin Odegard into the penalty box. The adjudicator didn't give a penalty, nor did the VAR adjunct see the need to change that decision. Although it was not clear from the renewal, Ederson had his bottom on Odegard's bases.

Gabriel Martinelli had a chance to lead the platoon before Sakar. Indeed after the thing, Arsenal has shown its power. Although he didn't ask the adjudicator to change his decision in the 10th nanosecond, VAR played a part in the match in the 55th nanosecond. Shaka couldn't stop him according to the rules. Silva has taken the loftiest occasion. Riyad Mahrez evened for City when VAR decided to correct.

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The coming 4 twinkles were crazy football. Arsenal protector Gabriel saw his first unheroic card in the 57th nanosecond. Diaz sat down to score a self-murder thing in the coming nanosecond. His head was going to the net by escaping Ederson who came forward. Nathan returned the ball just before it crossed the thing line. Ederson extended the lead in the coming nanosecond. Gabriel saw the alternate unheroic card to stop him unnecessarily. Arsenal came to a platoon of 10 people in 59 twinkles.

Arsenal picks up playmaker Odegaard and brings down protector Rob Holding. Still, Arsenal didn't let them understand that one of their players is less in the game. On the negative, the platoon has constantly created openings for counter-attacks. But in 93 twinkles Arsenal was defeated. Holding couldn't stop De Bruyne's cross. Laporte's shot got wedged but it came in front of Rodri. Rady's shot could no longer be blocked. Arsenal's heartbreaks.

Top-ranked Manchester City is 11 points ahead of their nearest rivals in this palm. Meanwhile, Arsenal remained in all four.