Argentine football fans are still sighing about that final eight years ago in Maracana. If Lionel Messi scored a goal, then the champion Argentina!

How? Germany's Mario Gasta scored in extra time. That goal broke the heart of Messi at the rate of 1-0. Then! In fact, an unwritten trend has been going on for a decade now, on the basis of which it is possible to talk about the possibility of Argentina becoming the champion in the 2014 World Cup final.

What is that section? Messi scored in the match, Argentina did not lose the match!

It has been seen for a decade. Argentina is undefeated only if Messi scores a goal. The last time this happened was in 2009 in a friendly against Spain at the Vicente Calderon Stadium, the former ground of Atletico Madrid.


Messi scored from the penalty spot in the second half of the match, but Spain won 2–1. Since then, the seven-time Ballon d'Or-winning star has scored, leaving Argentina on the sidelines.

After that friendly match against Spain, Argentina has managed to avoid defeat in all 46 matches scored by Messi so far. Of these, 6 matches were drawn and the remaining 41 matches were won. Messi scored but Argentina could not win, the last match to be seen in last year's Copa America. Messi gave Argentina the lead in the 33rd minute of the match against Chile.

But in the 57th minute of the match, Chile equalized with the goal of Eduardo Vargas. When it comes to Chile, the 2015 Copa America final also comes up. The two teams were goalless in that final. Argentina is a dream come true in tiebreaker. Who knows if Messi scored a goal the result of the match could have been different!

The following year, Argentina had to accept the same fate in the Copa America final. Once again, the opponent in the final is Chile, two goalless teams in the allotted time. Messi failed to hit the target in the tiebreaker.

Chile's 4-2 win extended Chile's lead to the title again. Argentina finally won the Copa America on Brazilian soil last year. Although Messi failed to score in the final against Brazil, he won the title for the country.

Messi made his debut for Argentina in a friendly against Hungary on 16 August 2005. Interestingly, his first hat-trick for the country was in a friendly match against Switzerland in 2012 - that is, Argentina would not lose if Messi scored a goal, after the start of this series. Messi has scored seven hat-tricks for the country so far.

Messi also scored a goal against Venezuela in the World Cup qualifiers today. This is probably his last match for the country at home before Qatar goes to the World Cup in November. After the victory lap with his teammates in front of about 50,000 spectators at the La Bombonera stadium after the victory, Messi praised the fans, saying, "Judging by the unity between the Argentine people and the team, no less spectators expected it." People love me and I'm grateful for that. "